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Eyeglass Care for Kids

Eyeglasses Frame

Eyeglasses frame and lenses are considered the vulnerable parts of a kid’s glasses. They could warp or crack them in their sleep or break them while playing. It doesn’t only cause a chink on your wallet but it poses danger for your kid’s safety as well. Shards of lenses or an eyeglasses frame snapped in two are little but serious hazards.

Parents should guide and train their children on how to take care of their glasses. Choosing the right eyeglasses for your kids is an easy task based on an article from Executive Optical. However, prolonging its use is a different matter. We’re going to give you some tips to help your kids on how to take care of their glasses:

How to clean itAdults are guilty of not doing this one as well. Spare your kids and teach them how to do it right. It is as simple as using a microfiber cloth to clean the eyeglasses frame and lenses instead of the hem of clothes, or worse, spit.

How to keep it safeAs a parent, you need to look out for your kids. The same goes with their glasses. Remind them not to shove it inside their school bag without slipping it inside its case. When they put it down, tell them eyeglasses frame should touch the surface and not the lenses.

How to wear itKids are spontaneous individuals and their eyeglasses are the victims of this behavior. Understand first that they are newbies when it comes to wearing specs. Patiently teach them the proper way of putting on and taking off their glasses. Vision Service Plan says, “Have them grip both side arms and pull eyeglass frames straight off of their face, rather than using only one hand.”

These are practical tips your kids can apply for first time eyeglass wearers. However, we can’t turn a blind eye to the sad reality of children who wears specs. They could earn hurtful nicknames because of their appearance (with glasses on) like “nerd” or “four eyes.”

They can be ridiculed, bullied and made fun of because of their glasses. For that reason, their social life and self-esteem are affected. Their performance and development at school could be held back as well. Are they really comfortable with it or do they wish they could live without it? Worst is you’re might never be even made aware of these.

An article at Goal Setting Guide provided tips to help your kids with this kind of dilemma as follows:

The freedom of buying glasses

We know that you only want what is best for your kids. But let them have the freedom of buying their own glasses based on their preference or taste. In this way, they are inclined to wear it because they like what they chose.

Show how cool wearing glasses are

Show to them they are not the only ones who wear it. What we mean by “show” is show pictures of famous people, teen celebrities and cartoon characters with glasses. By using this technique, you can portray the cool side of wearing specs.

Lift their spiritsBoost their self-esteem and self-confidence by pointing out to them what they excel at. Goal Setting Guide puts it this way:

As a parent, you must take it upon yourself to show your child that he is special and that his talents and personality are what shine through… Focus on skill, talents and abilities, not appearance.

Tuesday, December 13, 2016

7 Handy Tips When Buying a House and Lot For Sale in Batangas

Buying a house and lot for sale in Batangas is not something you do instantaneously. It requires thoughtful decision-making skills for you to get the most out of your purchase. This process can either make or break one of the most important decisions in your life. Before taking that big leap, here are seven things you need to know to help you make a smart buy:

1) Enough Money

One of the most important things to consider when buying a house and lot for sale in Batangas is having enough money to purchase it now, not later. Sure, that beautiful house may look amazing but always remember all the other factors such as property taxes and homeowners association dues. If you are confident that you can pay it all off in the coming years then buy it. If not, there will always be a more suited home for you and your family that is well within your price range.

2) Home Features

Now that you have your finances in order, it’s time to think of the specific features of your ideal home. Do you like an overlooking view of the wondrous mountains of Batangas or do you like the stunning sight of the beaches? Either way, it should be a place in ideal size for you and your family. How many bathrooms and bedrooms do you need? Is the kitchen size adequate for your family? Is the ceiling too low or too high? These key home features may seem unimportant at first but may probably affect your home life in the long run.

3) Hire a Real Estate Agent

You might probably think: why would I pay for something I can do on my own? Yes, information can be easily obtained online but a professional knows every nook and cranny of the real estate sphere. They can also negotiate for you. Real estate agents also deal with contracts and conditions and protect you if ever issues arise. According to Forbes, the process isn’t as simple as it seems. When you get into a difficult situation, it can pay to have a professional on your side so hire someone you trust.

4) Location

Batangas is a great location because it has been voted as a clean city and even won a gold medal in an international environmental competition back in 2013. Imagine waking up to the cool gust of the mountains and the inviting tides of the sea.

5) Great Neighborhood

Safety is a primary thing to look for when assessing a great neighborhood. Be sure the community has a sense of fellowship. Is it safe during day and night? Are the drainage systems properly maintained? Is it accessible to stores, schools, shops, hospitals and banks?

6) Home Inspection

Before purchasing that house and lot for sale in Batangas, ensure that there are no leaky faucets, busted pipelines, holes in the walls and on the roof. The last thing you’d want to know after purchasing and spending thousands on your house is a disaster-ridden spot. Yikes.

7) Think Logically

If you fall in love with the wrong house, you might end up having financial complications. Involving your emotions will make you consumed by small and minor things like the size of the backyard or the paint color. Instinct, however; is being practical and seeing the house as a good value for an investment.

The bottom line is: you need to research and plan. If you have these factors in order, the perfect home will fall right into your hands.

Thursday, October 27, 2016

4 Pinoy Celebrities with Sungki – Part 1

Being able to afford dental braces in the Philippines puts someone up the “sosyal” ladder by a notch. It’s considered classy and sometimes even stylish to be able to have dental braces in the Philippines and some would even have them even without the real necessity.

Even in the guise of misaligned teeth or “sungki” as it would locally be called, others would instead use the fact to add to their charm rather than as something that needs correcting! Here are 8 pinoy celebrities that made the “sungki” a part of their iconic smiles.

Rosanna Roces

The ever iconic and irreplaceable “Pantasya ng Bayan” was bolstered to stardom by more than her vivaciousness. Rosanna Roces is an impressive actress, getting recognition for her work with commercial and indie films like Ligaya ang Itawag mo sa Akin (Call me Joy), La Vida Rosa, and Curacha: ang Babaeng Walang Pahinga (Churacha: The Woman who Does not Tire). 


Yul Servo

Yul Servo was a major name in the Filipino independent film circuit in the late 90s and early 2000s and his slightly sungki front teeth were part of his very iconic smile that made up his good guy charm. 


Maui Taylor

Maui Taylor was one of the Viva Hot Babes and part of the generation of actresses that cemented FHM into the male magazine institution that they are today. Aside from being able to act well in roles that most actresses her age would be daunted, she also carries a certain innocent charm to her devilish appeal. 

Sam Concepcion

The Little Big Star made big strides to the local and international scene with his amazing voice, energetic moves and boyish charms. 10 years into the industry, and he retains his youthful aura probably with a little help from his imperfectly adorable smile. 

For a country that is considered a melting pot of a lot of cultures, nationalities, and ethnicities, we have a very broad level of appreciation for beauty and even without dental braces, the Philippines can still embrace the little imperfections that make us perfectly unique.

Wednesday, September 28, 2016

5 Most Exceptional Philippine Attorneys during the Colonization Eras

Not only did these fellows help in the shaping of what constitutes the Philippine Republic but they are also brave souls who encountered the challenging times of colonization:

philippine attorney-apolinario mabini

Apolinario Mabini

Being fathered by an illiterate and mothered by a public market vendor, Mabini did not let his social standing get in the way of being one of Philippines’ eligible attorneys. Dubbed as ‘The Brains of the Revolution,’ Apolinario lived up to this moniker by being the adviser of then President Emilio Aguinaldo. Even though he was originally to be a priest (as requested by his mother), he went on a path that eventually shaped the Philippines’ future. He even ended up as one of the country’s heroes.

More than being the sublime paralytic, he was also gifted with an exceptional memory that assisted him in earning his law degree. In December 1899, during the Philippine-American War, Mabini was captured. He declined to sign the oath of allegiance to the United States so he was exiled in Guam along with other Filipino patriots. When his health started failing, Mabini finally decided to sign the oath for fear of dying in a foreign land. Upon his return, he died from a cholera epidemic.

philippine attorney-felipe agoncillo

Felipe Agoncillo

He wasn’t only a remarkable lawyer but he was also an astute emissary. Agoncillo was a persistent fellow. He would present petition after petition, pressing the recognition of Philippine Independence.

Felipe faced numerous fruitless conquests. In 1898, the news that the future of the country’s independence would be decided broke out. Agoncillo, being the great diplomat that he is, came to the country’s aid and discussed terms with the Americans. Despite his efforts, Spain ceded the country to America for 20 million dollars.

Agoncillo’s fervor for diplomatic arrangements never wavered. Even after losing all his possessions due to his quest in Europe, he still went in and protested the country’s self-rule. Still, his attempts failed.

According to Philippine Herald, Don Felipe Agoncillo was a cultured and tactful man appointed by General Emilio Aguinaldo.

He may not be known to many but his attempts at achieving Philippine Independence and diplomacy lives on. 

philippine attorney antonio villa real
Antonio Villa-Real
When Antonio left for Japan, his intention was to join the force against the Spaniards. Villa-Real tried to enlist as a part of the Imperial Japanese Army but was unsuccessful. He then ventured on enlisting in the French Foreign Legion but also failed. He finally enrolled in a university in Tokyo and returned to the Philippines in 1904.

Upon returning, he studied law and passed the bar examinations in 1909. He was chosen as the Assistant Attorney in the Attorney General’s office from 1910 to 1916.

The most notable part of his career was being appointed as the Associate Justice of the Supreme Court.

Antonio Villa-Real was a Philippine attorney and also one of the two Supreme Courts Justices who was brutally executed during the Japanese Occupation.

philippine attorney jose b vargas

Jorge B. Vargas 

He was also a lawyer and diplomat. Vargas served as the legislative secretary to speaker Sergio Osmeña. During the Japanese occupation, he was assigned as the secretary of the National Defense. When the troops of the Imperial Japanese arrived, he managed Greater Manila in 1941.

During the Second Philippine Republic in 1942, Vargas became the chairman. He was asked to be the president but he declined and became the regime’s ambassador instead.

Vargas garnered many awards due to his service to the government. He died in February 20, 1980 at the age of 89.
philippine attorney anacleto diaz

Anacleto Diaz

He was the other Supreme Court Justice who was executed during the Japanese occupation. Diaz was the colleague of Villa-Real. During his youth, the eminent jurist served in the forces of General Antonio Luna.

` Diaz was then captured by the Americans. He built a career as a legal scholar which led to his career’s summit. He was later appointed by U.S. President Roosevelt as the Supreme Court Justice in the Philippines.

Known as the Manila Massacre, Diaz and Villa-Real were just some of the civilians that suffered the wrath of the Japanese invasion.

These men wore many hats and being a lawyer is just one of them. They even surpassed the distress of the colonization eras. They are, indeed, among the most notable Philippine attorneys there are.


Tuesday, August 23, 2016

Trucking: The Right Wheels Drive Better Sales

If you’re running a trucking business in the Philippines, it’s easy to get caught in the fast paced transactions that happen on a daily basis. If you are an overseer of operations, you are more preoccupied with getting goods to and from manufacturers and distributors rather than obsessing over details of the trucks that are being used. Hold that thought, though—the right set of wheels could save you more money than you think.

Tires and wheels actually affect fuel economy. Some wheels might even seem a lot like a bargain but, especially when it comes to business, cheaper doesn’t necessarily mean more profitable.

Actually, when it comes to trucking businesses in the Philippines, your need for wheels are pretty easy—semi-trailers and pickup type trucks all have the same standard sizes and build. What you must be more concerned of however is the treading. The safe assumption is that all deliveries are going to be expedited on roads like we see on western movies but the same cannot be said about the Philippines where a lot of roads don’t even make it past the “dirt path” phase.

As illustrated

Thus, we come up with 2 categorizations.


This is probably the setup that you may have for all your trucks and this is what’s ideal anyways. All season tires, in the words of, “do everything reasonably well, though they excel at nothing in particular” and, because a trucking business in the Philippines has only 2 seasons to constantly look out for in any given year, onroad/all-season tires SHOULD be what’s ideal.


But because there are a lot of roads that are left unfinished in the country, an all-season treaded tire could get you slipping into an accident. Even though majority of road accidents are because of road carelessness, among the top reasons is road condition. Investing in better treads for trucks that technically go offroad might prove more efficient a choice than managing loses.

There are a lot of other factors than can affect a trucking business in the Philippines but even something as underrated as choosing the right tires can gain you a better return on your investment than you might imagine.

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Monday, August 22, 2016

The Status Report on the War against Drugs

Human rights and due process has been the word going around in the past few weeks due to the increasing and surfacing cases of extrajudicial killings that have been related to new administration’s campaign against illegal drugs. The said campaign has not been a pretty sight nor has it become an image you will love waking up to in the morning.

A few weeks in under the new president, Rodrigo Duterte’s term and the news has been filled with the same horrifying news about deaths day in and day out. And all these news have something in common that make seem that headlines are using templates: alleged drug pusher tries to fight back or grab the policemen’s guns were killed; alleged pusher found dead with a shot by unknown vigilantes; alleged pusher found dead and labeled with a cardboard with writings stating the dead man is indeed a pusher and it’s a warning for other pushers.  By May 2016, the kill lists has reached an alarming figure of 650. It doesn’t need to become an attorney to realize what is happening to our dear Philippines.

Anyone who has been tracking the news may easily come to a conclusion that each and every incident is connected to the campaign to eradicate drug trade in the country. But proving these allegations can be really difficult as some of these incidents will still require in-depth investigations to be proven. Some of the bodies are even unclaimed and unidentified in funeral parlors.  How the public is taking in the news has been different from person to person. The discussions in the social networking platforms have been intense from all directions. Some approve of the method and even consider these killings as justifiable cost we need to be able to win against drugs—a mentality in which not many approve and may be difficult to digest.

Senator De Lima has also expressed her opinion in her recent privilege speech to look for another way to address the drug trade in the country. Some continue to express their disappointment through protests and appeals to the Commission of Human Rights on how human rights have been put aside for the sake of the campaign. There have also been claims of cases of mistaken identity in which makes the whole scenario a lot harder to take in.

A few days ago, the Malacanang has finally released a list and named the officials who are allegedly involved in drug trade. The list is comprised of high-ranking officials in the executive, legislative, judicial, and even in the ranks of the policemen. This has sent the message that the current administration is on a warpath to weed out the drug trade in the country.

Three to six months was all the time the current president has mentioned that he needs to get rid of the country’s drug problem. 3 month in to his term, are we to expect the same news to appear on our screens and newspaper headlines in the morning? No one knows what would be the collateral damage of the campaign against drugs. Some may say that, to attain greater things, we should be willing to sacrifice. But with these high cases of killings, are we really wining this war against drugs?