Tuesday, August 23, 2016

Trucking: The Right Wheels Drive Better Sales

If you’re running a trucking business in the Philippines, it’s easy to get caught in the fast paced transactions that happen on a daily basis. If you are an overseer of operations, you are more preoccupied with getting goods to and from manufacturers and distributors rather than obsessing over details of the trucks that are being used. Hold that thought, though—the right set of wheels could save you more money than you think.

Tires and wheels actually affect fuel economy. Some wheels might even seem a lot like a bargain but, especially when it comes to business, cheaper doesn’t necessarily mean more profitable.

Actually, when it comes to trucking businesses in the Philippines, your need for wheels are pretty easy—semi-trailers and pickup type trucks all have the same standard sizes and build. What you must be more concerned of however is the treading. The safe assumption is that all deliveries are going to be expedited on roads like we see on western movies but the same cannot be said about the Philippines where a lot of roads don’t even make it past the “dirt path” phase.

As illustrated

Thus, we come up with 2 categorizations.


This is probably the setup that you may have for all your trucks and this is what’s ideal anyways. All season tires, in the words of cars.com, “do everything reasonably well, though they excel at nothing in particular” and, because a trucking business in the Philippines has only 2 seasons to constantly look out for in any given year, onroad/all-season tires SHOULD be what’s ideal.


But because there are a lot of roads that are left unfinished in the country, an all-season treaded tire could get you slipping into an accident. Even though majority of road accidents are because of road carelessness, among the top reasons is road condition. Investing in better treads for trucks that technically go offroad might prove more efficient a choice than managing loses.

There are a lot of other factors than can affect a trucking business in the Philippines but even something as underrated as choosing the right tires can gain you a better return on your investment than you might imagine.

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