Thursday, October 27, 2016

4 Pinoy Celebrities with Sungki – Part 1

Being able to afford dental braces in the Philippines puts someone up the “sosyal” ladder by a notch. It’s considered classy and sometimes even stylish to be able to have dental braces in the Philippines and some would even have them even without the real necessity.

Even in the guise of misaligned teeth or “sungki” as it would locally be called, others would instead use the fact to add to their charm rather than as something that needs correcting! Here are 8 pinoy celebrities that made the “sungki” a part of their iconic smiles.

Rosanna Roces

The ever iconic and irreplaceable “Pantasya ng Bayan” was bolstered to stardom by more than her vivaciousness. Rosanna Roces is an impressive actress, getting recognition for her work with commercial and indie films like Ligaya ang Itawag mo sa Akin (Call me Joy), La Vida Rosa, and Curacha: ang Babaeng Walang Pahinga (Churacha: The Woman who Does not Tire). 


Yul Servo

Yul Servo was a major name in the Filipino independent film circuit in the late 90s and early 2000s and his slightly sungki front teeth were part of his very iconic smile that made up his good guy charm. 


Maui Taylor

Maui Taylor was one of the Viva Hot Babes and part of the generation of actresses that cemented FHM into the male magazine institution that they are today. Aside from being able to act well in roles that most actresses her age would be daunted, she also carries a certain innocent charm to her devilish appeal. 

Sam Concepcion

The Little Big Star made big strides to the local and international scene with his amazing voice, energetic moves and boyish charms. 10 years into the industry, and he retains his youthful aura probably with a little help from his imperfectly adorable smile. 

For a country that is considered a melting pot of a lot of cultures, nationalities, and ethnicities, we have a very broad level of appreciation for beauty and even without dental braces, the Philippines can still embrace the little imperfections that make us perfectly unique.